About “101” (And How to Feel Good During a Pandemic)

When we wrote “101,” a song of sunshine and a carefree way of embracing the unknown, we had no idea a pandemic was on the horizon and that 101 would be our survival guide for it.

Joz and I have never been huge believers that life is about the little things. That’s not a cliche or school of thought we subscribed to. He’s a Leo, I’m a Leo rising. Not only is life not about the little things for us, it’s about the biggest things. It’s about fireworks. But pandemics have a funny way of sucking up all the attention to the point that nothing else is even in your peripheral. It’s funny because I remember a time Joz was half-joking, half-serious and said, “I wish the end of the world would happen so I could stop worrying about my future.” I laughed then. But since I’ve survived a pandemic, looking back on flippant jokes like that gives me chills worse than the ones I had with the virus itself.

Since the whole world has been through the same havoc, I know whoever hears the song will understand the depths of it, depths that weren’t intended when we wrote it. In hindsight, it isn’t the light and fun song we thought it was. After mother nature reminded us how indifferent she is to us, that she isn’t conspiring in our favor, that we aren’t controlling the wind with positive thoughts, I get it. Choosing to let your hair down just because you want to is sometimes the most power you’ll be allotted. When life makes us her bitch, we tell ourselves life is about the little things. Not because it’s a choice between little and big and we choose little. But because we didn’t have a choice.

Listen to “101” HERE.

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