Just like it sounds, this album lifted us. I say it all the time. Right when we needed it most, this album lifted us. Just when we thought it was over, this album got us high. That’s not to say that it’s a cheerful album; it’s not. In true Silent Rival form, it is, at happiest, bittersweet. Actually, I think we cover a lot crazy shit. A lot of stuff happened to us, just like I’m sure a lot has happened to you. We’ve lost a a couple irreplaceable, special people in our lives, we’ve hit rock bottoms, challenged each other, and somehow we’ve held it together long enough to make this album. And when we were done, the sun came out. We’ve been lifted out of a lot of darkness because of this album, and we called it Elevator because we know it will lift you too.

When we chose the name Elevator, there was no pandemic. We had no idea there would be a specific unified reason why we would all need a lift. It hasn’t been long, but I already miss the world. I miss the pancakes on the corner, my easy hiking trail, working out with my friend, and people watching. And more than anything we miss touring and playing shows. And we are the lucky ones: bored, but at least healthy.

Maybe there will come  a more strategic time to release the album. Maybe if we wait for a time when people were happier, healthier, and worry-free, they will  be more inclined to buy and share music. Well… you wouldn’t need a lift in those conditions, would you? Although we do want our music to be bought and shared like it’s going out of style, that’s not the point of this album. The point is to lift you. And we know it will lift you, when you need it most, just like it did for us.

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